Power Quality

Power Disturbances

We take great pride in providing reliable, quality power to our customers. Today’s technology and workplace requires a high level of power stability. When dealing with sensitive, high-tech equipment, even the slightest disruption in electrical service can result in costly production delays.

If your operations suffer from unpredictable power disturbances that result in downtime, lost data, equipment damage, or other adverse outcomes, we can help.


River Falls Municipal Utility, your community owned utility will provide at no cost:

  • Site visit
  • Identify electrical issues at your facility
  • Determine the causes
  • Provide a detailed written report
  • Recommend cost-effective solutions
  • Availability to loan an infrared camera

Additional Information

View the Power Quality Service Flier (PDF). For additional information on the power quality services we provide contact Mike Noreen, Conservation and Efficiency Coordinator at 715-426-3467.