RFMU's Commitment to Economic Development

We know that electric costs can be a significant part of your operating budget. Not only do community-owned utilities tend to have lower electric rates than their competitors, we offer many more opportunities to be proactive in you energy consumption. Simply put, doing business here, in a public power community, just makes sense.

Assistance & Services

We’re committed to keeping our businesses and communities strong. Let our team of energy experts and account management professionals serve your business by providing the following and more:

  • New construction technical assistance
    • To help make your new construction project as energy efficient as possible, we’ll provide design-phase technical assistance to help you acquire energy savings and demand reduction in new buildings, additions or major renovations.
  • Operating cost estimates and energy cost comparisons:
    • We can demonstrate the “public power advantage” with operating cost estimates and energy cost comparisons based on your production forecasts.
      • Low rate loans available
      • Through WPPI Energy we’re able to offer our commercial and industrial customers loans of up to $50,000 at 2% interest towards the purchase of energy efficient equipment
  • Power quality services
    • Our energy experts use advanced technology to identify electrical problems in a facility and achieve a high level of power quality. We’ll collect and analyze the data needed to help you evaluate power quality solutions and improve the performance of your operations.
  • Loan of infrared camera
    • Infrared technology will allow you to identify trouble in your electrical equipment before they become a serious problem.
  • Renewable energy options
    • Through our Green Power for Business program, you can harness the marketing power of green energy and reduce your business’s environmental impact by purchasing blocks of power made from renewable resources.

Locating Your Business

If you are considering locating your business here, we’re committed to help make existing and new businesses strong. To learn more about how our programs for business and industry can be customized to meet your unique needs, contact Conservation and Efficiency Coordinator Mike Noreen at 715-426-3467.

  1. Mike Noreen

    Conservation & Efficiency Coordinator/City Forester

  2. Keri Schreiner

    Economic Development Manager