Being part of the community we serve, is a role that River Falls Municipal Utilities takes seriously. As a utility, we work hard to be an active participant by lending a hand in community service projects and offering various educational programs.

Fostering Strong Relationships

We have pledged a strong commitment to, not only our customers, but to our community. Through a number of civic-minded activities, River Falls Municipal Utilities has fostered strong relationships that help further our connection to the community.

Kids and Adults With Utilities Crew.jpg

Examples of Involvement

The following are just a few examples of our involvement in the community:

  • Each season, the utility crew installs the holiday lighting displays on the utility poles throughout the community.
  • The utility also installs street banners and banners on light poles.
  • Our crews provide assistance with community events such as River Falls Days and Town and Country Day.

Your Resource for Energy News

The River Falls Municipal Utilities provides you with an opportunity to hear the latest information about your community-owned utility and a host of other energy-related topics. As your resource for energy news, we offer your organization or group timely, useful and accurate information about safe and efficient use of electricity. Our energy experts can deliver a presentation that is targeted to your group’s needs. By hosting a speaker from the utility, your group will learn about the many programs and services we offer.