River Falls Community Solar

Community Solar Panels $329.47 Per Share

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Read the Community Solar Agreement.

Loan Program

Utilize the Loan Program through River Falls Municipal Utilities and pay $67 down and the balance later. Read the Community Solar Loan Documents

  • Quick and easy application process
  • Financing through River Falls Municipal Utilities
  • No credit checks
  • Eligibility based on applicants' utility payment history
  • 4.0% APR with 1-3 year terms available
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For more information contact: Mike Noreen 715-426-3467

What is a Community Solar?

Community Solar FAQs

A solar electric array utilized by subscribing local residents, businesses, local governments and non-profit organizations that is connected to the utility grid. 

How Much Should I Buy?

Wondering how many solar shares you will need? Read more to see how this solar program can benefit you. 

Community Solar Benefits

Community solar provide benefits to communities beyond local, clean, and more affordable energy. They can also create local jobs, limit impacts on delicate habitats, and reduce the need for transmission lines. And they help ensure that the benefits of renewable energy go to the people who want it most.

Community solar programs remove many of the barriers that have prevented a majority of homeowners and businesses from taking advantage of solar energy, like:

  • Site challenges - too much shade during most days, deed restrictions
  • Risks - reduces or eliminates expense, complexity and maintenance of individual on-site solar installations
  • Limited options - now there are two options: purchased blocks of solar energy (from outside of the local community) or a local community solar garden