Renewable Energy Incentive

Why go solar?

Solar panels take the sun’s energy and even on a cloudy day convert it to electricity.

Solar can have a steep upfront cost but with help from River Falls Municipal Utilities and Focus on Energy and a 30 percent Federal tax credit the payback can be between 7-12 years. 2020 is the best year so far to install solar in River Falls.

Wisconsin Focus on Energy

Wisconsin Focus on Energy provides Cash-Back Rewards and grants for eligible Wisconsin residents and businesses to install renewable energy systems, such as solar hot water, solar electric, and wind. Cash-Back Rewards typically cover 20% to 25% of the installed cost of the system, making renewable energy systems more affordable.

Solar Panels.jpg

Certified Site Assessment

Before moving forward with any renewable energy project, Focus on Energy recommends having a certified site assessment done on your home or property. A statewide network of certified site assessors is available to answer questions about the technologies and will provide you with unbiased, site-specific information on the renewable energy potential at your site.

To find out more, visit the Wisconsin Focus on Energy website or call 800-762-7077.