Steiner PV Panels

The photovoltaic array at Steiner Plumbing, Electric and Heating Inc. was completed in April of 2007, being the first of its kind in River Falls. The 2.6 kilowatt array produces approximately 25% of the business' electrical power and sells any excess power back to the grid. This solar panel is estimated to generate 4,518 kilowatt-hours on an annual basis.

System Design

The system was designed by Craig Tarr of Energy Concepts in Hudson, Wisconsin, and was installed by Steiner’s own team, which does installation of solar and wind systems throughout western Wisconsin.

Steiner PV Panels.jpg

The project was eligible for rebates and tax incentives that paid for approximately 40% of the cost. The remaining cost will be recouped in energy saving over about 9 years and has an estimated useful life of 25 years.