Dick's Market Receives ENERGY STAR Rating

Dick’s Market located at 1121 South Main Street was awarded an ENERGY STAR® label in recognition of its efficient use of natural gas and electricity. The ENERGY STAR building label distinction is granted by the U.S Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to buildings that measurably cost less to operate and improve the quality of our environment.

In considering Dick’s Market for the ENERGY STAR building label, the EPA compared it to buildings of other United States supermarkets. Dick’s Market exceeded the efficiencies of more than 88% of stores in the EPA database.

“We are very proud of this recognition,” said Dick’s Market Owner Dick Rinehart. “We made a conscious effort to improve our store, with careful attention to energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR label confirms that our effort succeeded.”

Dick Rinehart at Dicks Market.jpg

Examples of Increasing Energy Efficiency

Examples of measures that increased the energy efficiency at Dick’s Market include heat generated by the refrigeration compressors is used to help heat the building, reducing the store’s need for natural gas. High-efficiency lighting conversions were completed and condensation controls installed on refrigerated display cases. Dick installed top of the line walk in coolers and freezers, and has a cool roof with increased insulation and reflective membrane.

“The ENERGY STAR building label recognizes Dick’s Market as a leader in environmental stewardship,” said Weston Arndt, Energy Services Representative. “Energy-efficient buildings such as this one help to reduce our use of natural resources such as coal and natural gas, protecting our environment.”