Falls Apartment Solar Collectors

Falls Apartments, owned by Steve and Rhonda Davison, and located just north of the University of Wisconsin River Falls (UWRF) campus, just got a little greener. The green did not come from a paint can, rather 8 large solar collectors on their roof. The solar hot water system installed this fall will provide roughly 40% of the annual domestic hot water demands for the residents.

System Design

The system was designed by Craig Tarr from Energy Concepts in Hudson, Wisconsin, and the installation was performed by Steiner Plumbing and Electric. Since the main fuel source for the hot water heating system is gas provided by St Croix Gas, the Davison's were eligible for incentive funding through Focus on Energy.

Solar Collectors.jpg

Additional Information

Incentives are also available for customers of River Falls Municipal Utilities with electric hot water heating that wish to harness the sun's energy.