City Mapping

General Information

City Development Map/Available Sites

Voting Districts

Historic Story Maps of River Falls

  • A City on the Kinni - This Story Map offers a comprehensive history of the River Falls starting when Joel Foster first came to the area in 1848, taking you through the development of the City. This map is ideally enjoyed on a desktop computer.
  • A Walk Through Time - Allows you to travel to and learn about different locations and buildings around River Falls. The optimal experience is on your mobile device, e.g. phone or tablet.

Park & Recreation Maps

Surrounding Counties & Districts

  • Pierce County Land Information - This links to the land information and mapping website maintained by Pierce County, including information on parcels, school districts, aerial photos, emergency zones, supervisory districts.
  • St. Croix County Land Information - This links to the land information and mapping website maintained by St. Croix County, including information on parcels and tax information.

Zoning Maps

  • Official Map - This map, in accordance with state statutes, shows the current and future roads and parks, among other things.
  • Official Zoning Map - This map displays the current zoning assigned to certain areas within the city.
  • Official ETZ Map - This map reflects the zoning requirements within the extraterritorial zone of the city.

River Falls Area Bike Route Maps