Adopt-a-Pond Documents


Community Pond Maintenance

Are you tired of that looking at the trash and the weeds in that stormwater pond out your window? If so, you can do something about it and help the river and community in the process.

This program is a means by which interested residents, community groups, and businesses can adopt storm water management areas within the City of River Falls to provide inspection, oversight, and minor maintenance such as trash and debris removal in these areas on a regularly scheduled basis. We request that adoptees schedule a maintenance day in the spring and one again in the fall. Adopters may also request city money for plantings within the pond area to beautify the pond. See here for seed supplier information.

Maintenance Form

After you've finished your bi-annual maintenance, please fill out and submit this form.

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact Tyler Galde at 715-426-3424 or by email.

Lifespan of Litter

Waste Item
Time Until Degradation
Orange or banana peel
2-5 Weeks
Cotton rag
1-5 Months
Cigarette butt
3-4 Years
Plastic bag
10-20 Years
Aluminum can
200-500 Years
Plastic six-pack holder
450 Years
Glass bottle
1 Million Years

Source: California Waste Bulletin