Art in City Hall

About Art in City Hall

The City of River Falls is excited to provide an opportunity for artists in River Falls and the surrounding area to showcase their artwork in City Hall. Thank you for sharing your artwork & your passion with the City! Submissions are now being accepted!

The Process

The City Hall Display Policy is in recognition of the need for guiding rules or principles prior to the display of artwork throughout the River Falls City Hall. When submitting artwork, please email Attachments A and B of the Policy along with a digital photo of the artwork.

Exhibit Selection Committee

The Exhibit Selection Committee will consider proposals based on the acceptability and appropriateness of exhibits. The Exhibit Selection Committee consists of:

  • The River Falls Communication Manager
  • The River Falls Public Library Event Coordinator
  • Facilities Maintenance Worker Lead
  • One additional City of River Falls employee
  • One citizen who is involved in community arts

In addition to Art in City Hall, the Exhibit Selection Committee is also in charge of administering the City's Percent for Art Policy (known as River Falls Creates) which allocates up to 1% of funding from Capital Improvement projects greater than $100,000 toward public art. 

Artwork Previously at City Hall