Become a Firefighter

Are you interested in becoming a firefighter?  Do you already have firefighter certificates?  The following is information on how to apply for the River Falls Fire Department.  *Applicants must live within the responding area in order to apply (please see map below).*

Once applications are received, candidates will be divided into two categories:

  1.  Those who have previous experience along with Wisconsin Firefighter I & II plus Haz Mat State certifications (Haz Mat is part of Firefighter I) and;
  2. Those who will need to obtain these aforementioned certifications.  (The City will provide training to obtain these certifications.)

 Here’s how to apply in our system:

  1. Go to the home page and click on “Join Our Team” in the footer
  2. Click on "Employment Central" in the left hand links
  3. Click on “Volunteer Firefighter”
  4. Click on “Apply”
  5. Set up your personal account and follow prompts to fill out and send in your application.

Note:  Applicants that already have Wisconsin FFI, II and Haz Mat certifications may be eligible to join the department individually, given they meet all other requirements to join the program.  Those who need to obtain the certifications will be contacted when there are several vacancies in the department.  After meeting all other requirements, they will be hired as a group that will be expected to take classes to become certified.   That group will need to complete their certifications.  The City will cover the cost of training.

Both groups will need to attend an orientation meeting prior to getting hired.   During the meeting, a detailed overview of the department, firefighter expectations and how we operate will be presented.  We also believe significant others would benefit by attending as their support and understanding helps applicants to be successful.  The orientation meeting will be your first step after you complete the application process.  You will be contacted by the department when these meetings occur.  For those with experience, that can happen anytime we have an immediate need for firefighters.  For those needing the State certification class, this usually happens in the fall of the year.

Fire Response District

Fire response area