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Commercial Application for Utility Services - River Falls Municipal Utilities

  1. Service Property*
  2. Tax Exempt?*
  3. River Falls, WI 54022
  4. If different than service address. Include Street/PO Box, City, State, Zip
  6. Emergency Contact's Phone Number
  7. River Falls PC Logo Color HQ.jpg
  8. Renewable Energy Block Program

    This purchase will appear as an additional charge on my monthly utility bill. Additional blocks are available for $2/block. I understand that we can change our participation level or cancel at any time.

  9. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by this utility and to pay for services at the specified rate. Utility rules require that assigned rate schedules remain in effect for a minimum of twelve (12) months. I understand that a non-payment of utility bills could result in interrupted service and require posting of a deposit. It is understood that current copies of the utility rules, regulations and rates are on file at the utility office and available to me for my information. Upon termination of this service, I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the Utility to request my utility service be terminated or changed from my name.
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