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Heritage Park

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Heritage Park is a passive special use park located just west of the downtown district and Veterans' Park. This one acre park sits along the Kinnikinnic River and Lake George.  The park is also directly south of City Hall.

At the entrance of the park is a bell that was used in the old firehouse. The sign beneath the bell reads, “The land from the 1974 Maple Street Bridge South to Elm Street, plus Hospital Hill-Ingram Center, was developed into this Park by the Garden Club. It worked with the Bicentennial Commission and other organizations, making it a community-wide project. The goal was to use the Kinnickinnic River as a park.”

This park features a paved walking trail, park benches and a fishing dock and is frequented by several types of birds including the many species of waterfowl that reside near Lake George.

The first weekend after Labor Day in September, the park hosts the annual "Art on the Kinni," which is a local fine arts fair.

Pedestrian access to the park can be found from Veterans’ Park by way of the pedestrian bridge, White Kinnickinnic Pathway Park, and off of Maple Street.  A parking lot is available on Maple Street with a capacity of approximately 20 cars. This park is a part of the Downtown Plan to improve the look and feel of this special area along the Kinnickinnic River.
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