What are the options a homeowner has for treating their Ash tree for EAB?

Ash trees can be chemically treated to control EAB using different application methods. Some of these methods a homeowner can administer and some require a professional arborist. The cost of the treatment will vary based on the type of chemical treatment used.  The University of Wisconsin Extension has an excellent publication about homeowner treatment which is linked to in the Urban Forestry page on the City website. If you want a professional treatment, please contact a certified arborist. It is important to know that treatment for EAB must be reapplied annually or biennially depending on the treatment administered. Treating an Ash tree only once will prolong its life by only a of couple years before the insect starts to attack the tree again. The City is currently in the process of having a few high value public ash trees treated for EAB. However, it is too cost prohibitive to have all the public Ash trees treated on a biennial basis. It is better to remove those trees and replace with a non-Ash species that would not have to be treated.  Homeowners will have to make the same decision whether to chemically treat or remove Ash trees on their private property as Emerald Ash Borer spreads.

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