What will be done with the results?
The City Council and staff will use the results as a progress report on how well the City is serving residents and delivering services. The questions related to customer service and quality of life directly measure areas that the Council has identified as strategic initiatives. Responses will also be used to evaluate City services and programs to make sure we are meeting the needs of residents and customers.

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1. How did you get my address?
2. What will be done with the results?
3. I live outside of the City limits. What should I do?
4. I received your survey, and while I own the property that it was sent to, I don’t live there. What should I do?
5. What is the purpose of requesting the person who most recently had a birthday complete the survey?
6. I am the person in my household who most recently had a birthday, but I am not very informed about the issues covered in the survey. Can I give the survey to someone else in my household?
7. I doubt that you are interested in my opinion, since I rarely leave my senior home. Should I really complete the survey?
8. If I filled out the survey when I first received it, should I fill it out again now that I have received a second copy?
9. I was not sent a survey, but I would be happy to complete one, and I think you should be interested in my opinion.
10. Why is “Hispanic” separate from “Race”?