EMS Business Plan

Plan Highlights

The purpose of the EMS Business Plan is to help guide the organization toward defining its vision and goals, and concrete steps need to work toward that end. This business plan defines the objectives of the service in four parts:

1.) To provide excellent service at the critical care paramedic level with revenue adequate to meet service priorities over the next five years.
2.) To recruit, retain and train full time, part time, and volunteers of the highest caliber to serve our patients; keep current with new procedures that assist the community, patients and emergency medical team.
3.) Analyze the current and future communities served, project the operating needs of the service for the next five years, and make provisions for future rates, staffing and other operational needs.
4.) Continue community outreach that reinforces the image of the department as a community partner.

The service will accomplish these goals through hiring and training the best possible staff; providing educational opportunities to the local schools, technical college and university; providing resources to the community through outreach; and maintaining and upgrading equipment and vehicles.