Pre-authorized Payment (PAP)

Automatic monthly deduction through our Pre-authorized Payment Program. Your monthly utility payment is automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the due date of each month’s bill.

You will still get a bill every month so you can track the amount of your bill and stay up-to-date on any news being shared by the utility. Your bill will state Pre-authorized Payment DO NOT PAY. The due date that appears on your bill is the date the funds are withdrawn from your bank account. If this day falls on a weekend, the funds are withdrawn on the next business day.

To Enroll in Pre-authorized Payment Program:

Fill out Pre-Authorized Payment Form (include a voided check or savings deposit slip) and mail or drop off to River Falls Municipal Utilities, 222 Lewis Street, River Falls.

You may also call us at 715-425-0906 to have us mail you the form.

The Pre-authorized Payment Plan is dependable, convenient and easy.

  • No check to write
  • No postage to pay
  • No missed or late payment charges - ever!
  • Easy to sign up for, easy to cancel.