North Loop Extension

The North Loop Extension Project includes installation of water main and sanitary sewer along Paulson Road from Prairie Drive to Radio Road, then crossing under STH 35 to connect to the existing water and sewer system in the Sterling Ponds Corporate Park. The project also includes the construction of a multi-use pathway, curb and gutter on Paulson Road and a pressure reducing station between the Sterling Ponds Corporate Park and residential district. The project is expected to start in spring 2023 and finish in summer or fall 2023.

The Sterling Ponds Corporate Park and residential area are currently served water by a non-looped water distribution system. This region of our water system is susceptible to outages in the event of a water main break. This project, along with the North Water Tower, will significantly improve system reliability and increase fire flow capacity by connecting the north high-pressure zone to the main-pressure zones. Completion of the North Loop Extension will also alleviate low pressure concerns in the Sterling Ponds residential areas.

The North Loop Extension and the North Water Tower will also serve future development including the Mann Valley Corporate Park.

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