2022 Chip Seal

The 2022 Chip Seal project is anticipated to begin the second half of August. The project will begin with the chip seal and later in August (or early September) for fog seal.  

Chip sealing involves applying a layer of oil to the street and covering it with small stones. After the oil has cured (approximately one week) street sweepers will clear the excess material. It is normal for small amounts of stone to continue to work loose, including when the streets are first plowed. These streets will be swept more frequently to limit this eventuality.

Fog sealing involves a second application of oil a few weeks after the initial chip seal is applied. This will increase the life span and reduce the amount of loose rock. The fresh oil can be messy until it cures for a few hours. 

Chip sealing provides a waterproof seal and a skid-resistant surface to the pavement, protecting it from the deteriorating effects of traffic, sun, wind, and water, and has been shown to extend the life of street pavement by 6-10 years.

 Access to properties may be occasionally interrupted during construction for short periods of time. “No Parking 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.” signs will be posted in advance; parking on the street will be prohibited until chip sealing is complete. Please drive slowly when in the construction zone and observe warning signs.

Click here to view a map of the project.