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How We Plan
Making River Falls livable now and in the future is the overarching vision that guides all planning efforts in the City. Each plan is the result of a collaborative public process, led by city planners and involving residents, business owners, community groups and other stakeholders.

Plans represent a long- term, brad vision for a community and function as guides for future land use and ensuring orderly and appropriate neighborhood development that includes elements such as buildings, streets, parks and public spaces. Although plans are no law, they do lay the foundation for zoning and urban design standards.

Plan Commission
Citizens appointed by the City Council make up the Plan Commission. The Commission is responsible for holding hearings and making decisions about future development patterns, special uses, zoning/rezoning requests and to suggest updates to the zoning ordinances.

Trends Report

Brandy Howe, AICP
Senior Planner

Tony Steiner
Senior Planner