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River Falls Municipal Utilities Efficiency Programs for Residential Customers
River Falls Municipal Utilities has several efficiency programs for residential customers. See below for the current program offerings. If you have additional questions regarding these programs, please feel free to contact Mike Noreen, Conservation and Efficiency Coordinator at 715-426-3467 or .

Home Energy Assessment Incentive
River Falls Municipal Utilities is offering a local Home Energy Assessment Incentive that includes paying for all but $50 of the initial assessment cost, as well as matching Focus on Energy's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program incentive by funding an additional 33% of improvement costs up to $1,500!  Home Energy Assessment Incentive Program Brochure & Application

Energy Star Appliances Rebate
In an effort to continue to improve household energy efficiency and stimulate the local economy by boosting appliance sales, we are offering this ENERGY STAR Appliance Incentive Program. To qualify for this rebate program, consumers are required to purchase an appliance such as a clothes washer, refrigerator, freezer, and/or dishwasher with an ENERGY STAR label. Up to $125 Chamber Bucks are available per customer account. ENERGY STAR Appliances Brochure & Application

Programmable Thermostat & The Nest Incentive
Easily reduce your heating and air conditioning costs with a programmable automatic set-back thermostat. These thermostats automatically adjust your home's temperature settings, allowing you to save energy while you're away or sleeping.

The purchase of each thermostat is eligible for a 50% refund, with a maximum of $75 of the actual purchase price of the programmable thermostat. Programmable Thermostat / The Next Incentive Program Brochure & Application

Central Air Conditioner Tune-Up
It's a fact that your central air conditioner may lose up to 5% of its original efficiency every year. That can increase your utility bills, shorten the life of your equipment, and reduce the comfort level in your home. A simple tune-up and inspection of your central air conditioner can keep it running efficiently and save you money.

For a limited time, we’re offering a $50 chamber check incentive to customers who have their central A/C units tuned up by a professional service technician. To apply for this incentive program, download the Central Air Tune-Up Incentive Program Brochure & Application.

Tree Power! Rebate
Trees can save you energy and money! Properly planted around your home, shade trees can lower your cooling costs in summer. Trees planted on the south or west side of the building can reduce air conditioning costs in the summer. When the leaves fall in the winter, the bare trees allow warm sunlight to reach your home.

We want to help more people in our community enjoy the benefits of trees. Rebates are available to customers who plant a qualifying shade tree in a location that reduces the workload on the air conditioning system, or provides shade directly to the south or west side of the building. Each customer / account is eligible for up to 3 tree incentives per year of 50% of the purchase price or up to $50 per tree.  Tree Power Incentive Program Brochure & Application.