Utility Box Beautification Project

Request for Proposals

Community Arts Base is seeking qualified artists and requesting proposals from individuals/teams from the surrounding community and from UW-River Falls to create two- dimensional permanent murals on selected transformer cabinets located within the downtown area of River Falls. This project will not only mitigate the negative effects of graffiti and unwanted postings on utility boxes, and thus reducing maintenance costs to the City of River Falls, it will also create lasting pieces of art that will improve the appearance of downtown for residents and visitors alike.

This project will recognize and celebrate local artists, showcase local history, and foster a culture of the arts in River Falls. This project will add a unique attraction to the area encouraging visitors to stop and explore the downtown area. Each participant will develop and submit a preliminary visual concept for the mural to be installed on the selected utility boxes located within River Falls. These plans will be reviewed and approved by a CAB committee which will include a representative from the City of River Falls.

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For inspiration check out the City of Fort Collins Transformer Cabinet Mural Projects

Request for Proposals

The City of River Falls and the Community Arts Base invites local artists to participate in a community public art project - River Falls Utility Box Beautification Project.

This project is designed for beautification of the City of River Falls by painting mural on specific utility boxes. The art will become the property of the City of River Falls. Artists whose work is selected will receive a stipend of $500 which will be used for supplies.

  • Submittal deadline: April 30, 2018
  • Completion of artwork by: July 10, 2018

Please return completed forms and accompanying materials to the Community Arts Base, P.O. Box 162, River Falls, WI 54022 or contact Steve Preisler 715-425-7530 or 608-698-6508 to deliver them in person to 108 East Maple Street, River Falls, WI, 54022 or send electronically to sjpreisler41@gmail.com.